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As a people-focused organization, our biggest assets and our greatest investments for our future are our people. We recruit our team based on the talent we see in them; both what they are and what they could be.

At SHMA Consulting, our team-members are trusted to take the lead and help our stakeholders create a brighter future for their organizations. As an employer, we believe in growth and success, and we go the extra mile to help our team-members achieve their dreams and reach the zenith of their potential.

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At SHMA, we look for the most talented people, irrespective of gender, race, or religion, and help them learn and grow into the talented individuals they are capable of being. Our diverse outlook is part of what makes working here a distinguished and captivating prospect.


SHMA is a welcome home for fresh graduates. We are always looking to add to our team talented individuals who can offer a different dimension. Through your work with us, you will grow and learn, and in time, become a well-rounded expert in the field.