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Our Core Specialties

Our Employee Benefits Planning can be broken down into the following core specialty areas:

We provide consultancy on

Our experts provide consultancy for the following benefits:

End of Service Benefits (EOSB)

EOSB is a monetary entitlement that employees receive at the end of their work contract – given that they are eligible for it.

Pension & Gratuity

A pension is a regular income payment paid out to employees once they have retired.

Gratuity, on the other hand, is earned for every year of service and accrues over the period of an employee’s service. When an employee leaves, this payment becomes due, usually in a lump sum.

Provident Fund & Benevolent Fund

Provident Funds are compulsory retirement schemes available in many countries. Employees give a portion of their salaries to the fund, and employers make a contribution on behalf of the employee. The funds are then held and managed by the government until the beneficiary withdraws them.

Leave Encashment Schemes

Leave Encashment Schemes are a benefit whereby employees accumulate their paid leaves over a period of time, and once they are no longer with the organization, are then paid a lump sum to cover it.

Medical, Death, & Disability Benefits

Medical, Death, and Disability benefits include hospital visits, physician services, pensions, insurance, annuity, and more for the beneficiary. Each of these packages are designed specifically to suit each individual organization’s needs.

Government owned retirement schemes

Government-backed retirement schemes have different requirements and mechanics as compared to their private sector counterparts. Our experts are well versed in these to ensure your organizational needs are met, whatever your chosen scheme.

About us

SHMA Consulting DMCC is registered as a free zone company under the rules and regulations of DMCC since 2015 in the UAE.

Our clientele is located in the United Arab Emirates, the Kingdom of Saudi

Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and other countries.

Together with its fully owned subsidiary, SIR Consultants (Ltd) and SHMA Arabia, we have a team of 100+ professionals servicing over 750 clients in KSA, Pakistan, UAE, and other countries.

Core Team

Core Values

At SHMA, our five values act as pillars that give us strength and guide our decision making.

People First

The success of our people drives our success; we make their lives better by integrating empathy in the decisions we make.

Learn & Grow

We are in a progressive journey of learning as we serve more communities, increasing our relevance and fostering growth.

Integrity & Trust

Our honesty, accountability, and responsibility form the basis of our relationship with people, entrusted to take ownership.

Excel & Innovate

With confidence and courage etched in the core of our business, we are constantly raising the bar in expanding the art of the possible.

Belong & Inspire

We are deeply invested in the goals of our people and their individual visions; we support their causes, drive impact, and inspire growth.

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