Growing SHMA Consulting; A Step in the Right Direction

Transformation of an organization comes with many hurdles and obstacles. But a team that is dedicated to the growth and building a responsible community can overcome them. SHMA Consulting is one of those organizations that works tirelessly to improve, innovate and inspire the team members. The recent expansion is a result of those efforts by the top management and the acceptance of the employees to the new ideas.


The SHMA Consulting expansion has been a huge success. We’ve seen a significant increase in recruitment, and the talent pool is now more diverse than ever. We’re thrilled to be able to offer new opportunities for people who want to make a career out of actuarial work.


At the same time, it can be difficult for companies to find candidates who are a good cultural fit for their company culture, or who will be committed to working hard through the examination process. This can lead to issues with retention and employee satisfaction.


The solution? A better way of finding candidates who are both qualified and enthusiastic about joining your organization.


SHMA’s culture fit for the company is important because it allows for employees to be committed to their actuarial journey and develop into experts in their field. This commitment has led to an increase in employee satisfaction and retention rates. Employee expansion has increased to 130 employees from less than 100 in the last year.


Since SHMA is a growing company, they have been able to attract top talent from around the world; however, there still remains a significant gap between what they can offer and what these candidates want—there is a limited talent pool available globally for SHMA’s needs. Actuarial work is a niche within SHMA because it requires specialized skill sets that aren’t necessary for all positions within the company.


Lastly, the increased number of employees who have worked with SHMA over the past year has helped them gain experience and expertise in their respective roles. This knowledge will benefit them as they progress through their careers within SHMA and onwards.

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