Our Leadership – The Aces

The actuarial profession is often compared to a team sport, with the members of a team working together to achieve success. This analogy can be seen in the leadership of SHMA Consulting, where many professionals have come together to form a “dream team” of actuarial expertise.


Mr Ali Omer Golam Morshed is the coach, directing the team and ensuring that everyone is on the same page; Saeed Zafar is the captain, leading by example and providing experienced guidance; Shariq Sikander is the forward, pushing the team ahead with insight into both the Middle Eastern and South Asian markets; Abdul Moid Ahmed Khan is the defender, providing an extra layer of protection from any potential risks; Rahim Feroz is the goal keeper, making sure to secure any successes achieved thus far; and Usama Dangra is the quarterback, keeping an eye out for any opportunities that may arise.


With such a diverse and experienced group working together, there’s no telling what kind of success this “dream team” can accomplish!

It started with one man’s vision – Mr. Ali Omer Golam Morshed, – Pakistan’s youngest financial professional at the beginning of his career, in 1986, a financial consulting firm that would one day become a regional industry leader.

From dream to reality – Ali Omer Golam Morshed, the visionary, with the support of Mr. Rahim Feroz Ali, Mr. Abdul Moid Ahmed Khan, Mr. Shariq Sikander, and Mr. Saeed Zafar, expanded SHMA.

Saeed Zafar has years of experience in the Middle Eastern Market. He’s currently serving as an Appointed Actuary in the KSA and the UAE.

Shariq Sikander, with excellence of IFRS 17 and  experience in the Middle East and South Asian region. As of now, he is serving as an Appointed Actuary in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Sri Lanka.

Abdul Moid Ahmed Khan, with many years of experience in the Middle East and South Asian Region. He is currently serving as an Appointed Actuary in the UAE and Oman. Chair of the ICAP/SECP IFRS 17 Working Group in Pakistan and a Member of the AAOIFI IFRS 17 Working Group.

Rahim Feroz Ali,  numerous years of experience in implementing, restructuring, and valuing various Employee Benefits Schemes throughout the GCC and South Asian region. He is an associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA).

Usama Dangra, years of actuarial consulting experience with companies in UAE, KSA, Oman, and Pakistan. Usama has been serving as a council member of the Pakistan Society of Actuaries since late 2020. He has been promoted to the position of Director at SHMA Consulting in 2022.

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