SHMA Retreat – An Appreciation for Our Employees

We all know that the best days at work are the ones where we get to do what we love, but for a lot of employees, it can be hard to make time for that.


That’s why a special retreat was organized for the employees at SHMA Consulting! Not only do they get to enjoy some delicious food and drinks, but you also get to help out at the fun-filled activities—and the best part? It’s on the company!


We know how busy our lives are, so an itinerary full of activities that was designed to keep the mind sharp and the body energized. It was decided that the day will include indoor activities like board games, outdoor activities like football and refreshing snacks in the evening for the employees.


For the employees’ appreciation day, they had a fun-filled afternoon filled with indoor activities such as video games and table tennis tournaments that were organized by the office staff. They also offered outdoor games such as volleyball, badminton and basketball for everyone who was interested in joining them! This was an opportunity for all of the teams to bond together over food and sports games. The food stalls were also a highlight of the day as they provided delicious snacks and desserts to the employees.


Finally, the day ended with an amazing music band performance from one of the favorite local bands. It was an amazing way to end an awesome event that brought everyone together under one roof while enjoying some great drinks at the juice bar and entertainment!


The MD led an engaging speech where he addressed the employees about the importance of teamwork and how it is crucial for any business to succeed. He then announced Osama Dangras’s promotion to Director, which received applause from the employees.


Finally, all of the employees enjoyed some snacks and drinks throughout the day! This is the chance to let them know how much the company appreciates all that they do here at SHMA Consulting. It means so much to the company that they wanted to show it by giving everyone treats after their hectic year—whether they’re working at the office or at home.


Thank you again for coming out with all your energy, we hope to see you next time, soon!

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