Consulting for General Insurers

With the economic recovery underway, the available pool of insurance exposures is expanding. Gains in the automobile and housing markets may also increase the demand for insurance. Given the increased security threats and challenges facing the region, there are undoubtedly additional threats and opportunities on the radar of companies. To adapt to this “new normal”, current and sophisticated solutions are needed to tackle the situation.

How can we help?

SHMA Consulting has been providing services to general insurance companies. We use state-of-the-art models, statistical methods and sound judgment while providing our services.

Our services include:

  • Reserving
  • Underwriting and pricing solutions
  • Assistance with reinsurance arrangements
  • Ceded reinsurance solutions
  • Claims solutions
  • Predictive modeling/analytics
  • Product design, rate making and rate filing
  • Process improvement
  • Expense Analysis of various lines of business and development of pricing parameters for rating purposes
  • Risk Analysis of various lines of business (Claims analysis, Retention analysis)
  • Developing Personal lines of business including product design, compensation structures, reinsurance arrangements, premium rating structures, policy documents, etc.
  • Carrying out valuations for Mergers and Acquisitions of General Insurance companies