SHMA Consulting

In a world where experiential learning is paramount, SHMA Consulting has set a commendable precedent with its successful internship program. Launched in June, this initiative has not only provided a platform for budding talents to thrive but has also enriched the organization with fresh perspectives and dynamism. With a cohort of 10 interns hailing from prestigious institutions like KU, IBA, and CBM, the program has carved a path of learning, growth, and transformation.


As the curtain rose on SHMA Consulting’s internship program, 10 enthusiastic interns stepped onto a journey of exploration and education. Engaging in a diverse array of projects, ranging from reserving and underwriting to the intricacies of IFRS 17 implementation, the students embarked on a profound voyage into the world of actuarial sciences. Through hands-on involvement in real-world projects, they learned not just the theories but also the practical nuances of how an actuarial firm operates.


The heart of this internship lay in unveiling the inner workings of an actuarial firm. As the interns delved into projects, they gained an insider’s perspective on the intricate interplay between risk assessment, data analysis, and financial modelling. This immersion not only broadened their understanding but also fortified their passion for the field, igniting a fire to contribute meaningfully to the industry.


The true testament of any internship program’s success lies in its impact on the participants’ future. SHMA Consulting’s initiative has exceeded expectations in this regard. Out of the 10 interns, an impressive 5 have been offered positions as part-time trainees at the firm—a testament to the program’s ability to recognize and nurture exceptional talent. This blend of learning and hands-on experience is a testament to SHMA’s commitment to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.


SHMA Consulting’s internship program stands not just as a program but as a beacon of opportunity and excellence. By opening its doors to the academic community and investing in the development of young minds, SHMA is making a lasting impact on the industry’s future. This initiative serves as a reminder that collaboration between academia and industry can yield results that go beyond textbook knowledge, fostering a generation of professionals who are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving business landscape.


In the realm of internships, SHMA Consulting’s program shines as a model of successful integration between theory and practice. By providing students with hands-on experience and the chance to understand the intricacies of an actuarial firm, SHMA has paved the way for their future success. As the program continues to nurture talent, it reaffirms the organization’s commitment to shaping the leaders and innovators who will drive the industry forward.

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