SHMA Enlight – A Knowledge Sharing Portal

At SHMA, we are committed to the development of our employees. We want to help them grow into the best version of themselves, and so we have a system in place to ensure that our employees are always learning and improving.


Our learning culture is supported by an experienced team of subject-matter experts who provide on-the-job training and support for new hires. We also have an internal training portal where employees can attend seminars on specific topics related to technical work or actuarial work. This helps them advance within the company faster than they would if they had to go through formal training programs or classes at an outside institution.


Another way that SHMA teaches its employees is through knowledge sharing between different departments within the company so that everyone has access to current information about what’s happening in different areas of business or industry so that they can make informed decisions when interacting with clients or other parts of the organization.


We also promote knowledge sharing between our staff by hosting regular meetings with key stakeholders in all areas of SHMA’s business. These meetings allow us to share best practices, identify new opportunities for growth, and discuss ways we can improve processes within the company as a whole.


These programmes will help them offer better value to their customers and employees which will lead them towards growth in the coming years. We believe that this approach will lead us toward greater success as an organization because it allows us to leverage our existing resources effectively while allowing us to use the expertise of others when needed!

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